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Program Komunikasi lahir pengamal profesional Islam.

NILAI – Program Sarjana Muda Komunikasi, Fakulti Kepimpinan dan Pengurusan (FKP), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) membuka peluang kepada pelajar aliran agama untuk menceburi bidang [...]

Graduan Komunikasi Media Baharu mendepani budaya dan teknologi media digital

NILAI - Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Komunikasi Media Baharu, Fakulti Kepimpinan dan Pengurusan, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) bakal melahirkan graduan yang mempunyai pengetahuan serta [...]

Program Akidah dan Pengajian Agama: Falsafah Berakar Umbi Akidah

NILAI- Graduan program Sarjana Muda Akidah dan Pengajian Agama, Fakulti Kepimpinan dan Pengurusan mampu melahirkan Muslim professional yang dapat memberi penyelesaian terhadap kecelaruan pelbagai ideologi dan [...]

Bachelor of Counselling at USIM offers the best of both worlds

Nilai: Bachelor of Counselling programme at the Faculty of Leadership and Management, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) offers best teaching and learning facilities including 12 [...]

Strategic Agility & Decision-Making During Covid-19 Outbreak

Strategic Agility & Decision-Making During Covid-19 Outbreak Dr Ali Nasser At the beginning of this year 2020, the news of the spread of a new viral disease that started in the city of Wuhan, China has left the world flabbergasted. It was discovered that the virus belongs to the large family of Coronavirus which was later named COVID-19. Generally, it causes the destruction of the respiratory system due to transmission via droplets and fomites during close, unprotected contact between an infector and infectee. It was not long before COVID-19 passed the Great Wall of China heading to many parts of the world as a result of many people moving freely from one country to another. Malaysia is not an exception [...]

The Patient Mind

The Patient Mind By Dr Ibrahim Fahad Sulaiman This time the world is breathing in fear because we are in one way or the other connected. Communication through technology has been rapidly fast that makes connectivity easy compared to decades. This time should be the time we need to reflect about what is going around us in the globe as days pass by. We have enjoyed many years moving around and going in and out without fear. However, with the pandemic COVID-19 spreading around the globe without limitation is a reason for fear. At the same time the Quran keeps on reminding us that as believers we will be tested, and we were not created without a purpose. Allah says [...]