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This faculty was established simultaneously with the establishment of USIM which started its academic year 2000/2001.Initially, it is known by the name of the Faculty of Dakwah and Islamic Management. Given the development of the program of study which now covers various fields of study such as Counseling and Communication, the name of the Faculty of Dakwah and Islamic Management has been changed to the Faculty of Leadership and Management

The establishment of the Faculty of Leadership and Management (FKP) is based on the belief and the sense of responsibility that Islamic-based studies need to be developed and integrated with the current stream of thought and cultural knowledge for universal benefit. Hence, all the current programs of study – The “Wah and Islamic Management, Communication, Counseling, Studies of Faith and Religion and SPADA are developed through the integration of naqli and aqli cores that coincide with the Shari’ah. The programs of study are designed to meet the needs of the industry and parties

interest in the whole country. Hence science activities in FKP are not limited to understanding theoretical but applied in the organization or in society. To achieve this mission, FKP is equipped with various facilities including counseling laboratories, radio studios, TV studios, editing rooms, recording cameras and public speeches.

FKP offers 4 Undergraduate Programs, 5 Master’s Degree Programs, 1 Postgraduate Program and 4 Phd Programs.