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With the words of the holy Alhamdulillah all the people of the Faculty of Leadership and Management (FKP) utter gratitude to Allah the Almighty for all the blessings, blessings and blessings that have been fulfilled. Selawat and greetings were told to the Prophet Muhammad, his noble family and his distinguished companions and his followers until the end of time. Welcome to the FKP website.

Establishment of FKP based on the belief and the sense of responsibility that the areas of Islamic-based learning subjects need to be developed and integrated with the current stream of thought and cultural knowledge for universal benefit. Hence, all programs of study either undergraduate or postgraduate levels are developed through the integration of naqli and aqli knowledge bases that coincide with the shariat. In this regard, FKP’s mission is to become a renowned faculty and referral center in the field of propaganda, Islamic management, counseling, communication and faith and religious studies. Study programs are designed to meet industry and stakeholder needs throughout the country. Hence, science activities in FKP are not limited to understanding and examining theories solely, but apply them in organizations or in society. To achieve the mission, FKP has been equipped with a variety of facilities, teaching and learning equipment that utilize the latest technologies such as counseling laboratories, radio studios, tv studios, editing rooms, recording cameras and public speeches.

FKP now has the power of 67 highly qualified academics with a diverse background of expertise that is always ready and committed to guide and supervise students up to the Doctorate (PhD) level. Academicians in FKP who are always active in research, consultancy and publications have succeeded in establishing a scholarship ecosystem in FKP. In order to provide a solid foundation for applying the learned and developed knowledge, FKP has established strategic collaboration with outsiders such as the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM), the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK), Lembaga Tabung Haji, Al-Hijrah TV, Economic Development Foundation Islamic Malaysia (YaPEIM), Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen (YNY) and the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI). FKP will continue to work to increase cooperation in the future.

Welcome to the FKP website. It is hoped that visitors get useful information through this web. We at FKP are always waiting and ready to receive you as a family of FKP either as a student, a researcher or a scholar. Hopefully you will respond to our invitation to join the FKP in upholding the integration of aqli and naqli knowledge which is also used by the ummah.



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